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20 Unique Ideas To Personalize A Christmas Wreath

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20 Unique Ideas To Personalize A Christmas Wreath

As the holiday season nears, it's time to consider adding your unique style to this year's Christmas decorating, creating a personal expression of your interests, hobbies, family and home. In addition to a brightly lit tree, a beautiful Christmas wreath on the front door welcomes visitors to your home. This year make it truly yours with one of our 20 unique Christmas wreath ideas!

20 Unique Christmas Wreath Ideas

Celebrate Your Family

Your family is the most important thing you have, so add them to your Christmas wreath whether it is placed indoors or out.

Idea 1: One of the simplest ways to personalize your wreath is to add a portrait of your family members. Use a group picture or individual photos of the kids in tiny frames, hanging them from the Christmas wreath.

Idea 2: Is there a new baby in the home? Tie on a pair of sweet baby booties with a delicate bow.

Idea 3: Don't forget the pets! Dog lovers can add a few doggie bones or a picture of your family friend to their Christmas wreath.

Idea 4: If you are a genealogy buff, invite your ancestors to Christmas by adding tiny gold-framed pictures of great grandma and grandpa to your wreath.

Celebrate Your Talents

Talents are what make you special so share them on your wreath.

Idea 5: Musicians can add small instruments or a little frame with music to their Christmas wreath.

Idea 6: Several inexpensive yet elegant bamboo artist paintbrushes add a unique expression of artistic talent.

Idea 7: Sports buffs can place small models of sporting equipment near the Christmas wreath bow.

Idea 8: Craftsmen and women can create a miniature of their work for the Christmas wreath.

Idea 9: A cluster of beautiful pencils tied with a bow represents writing talent.

Ideas 10-13: Ballet shoes, CDs, computer parts, even some fancy hair combs representing a hairdresser can be creatively place on the Christmas wreath to say, this is me!

Celebrate Your Home

Whether country or condo, your home is your refuge so show this with your Christmas wreath.

Idea 14: Announce to the world your unique decorating style by adding colors and themes from inside the home to your Christmas wreath.

Idea 15: Whether you live near the ocean, lake or river, or just wish you did, including nautical or beach themed decorations in a Christmas wreath reminds everyone of a relaxing vacation.

Idea 16: Live on a farm or just love animals? Find small animal figures to represent those that gathered around the manger.

Idea 17: City dwellers might add a model of their city's skyline to their Christmas wreath for a touch of sophistication. Try this on an all silver or striking deep blue wreath with tiny lights.

Celebrate the Season

After all, that's what this is all about!

Idea 18: Santa, reindeer or elves all add a touch of joyful celebration to a Christmas wreath.

Idea 19: A pair of long stemmed champagne or wine glasses crossed at the stems and tied with a bow add elegance to the holiday season and your Christmas wreath.

Idea 20: Hang a group of colorful Christmas ornaments and bows around the wreath.

Now that you've read the 20 unique Christmas wreath ideas, choose the one you'd enjoy the making most. Choose a wreath that will best match your creative style and idea. Gather the extra materials you will need, including florist wire for mounting your additions and create a beautiful wreath unique to you!

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