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Choosing a Front Door Wreath

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Choosing a Front Door Wreath

A front door wreath puts the finishing touches on a home. A wreath hanging in the front entry way helps give your home curb appeal. Whether you are decorating for the holidays or for the different seasons a decorative wreath hung on the front door will make your guests feel welcome.

So how do you choose your front door wreath?

1. Size: You need to find the right size. Too small and the door wreath will look lost. If the front door wreath is too large it will be overwhelming and could possibly get ruined opening and closing the door. So how do you determine the size? Rule of thumb, your wreath should be about 2/3 of the upper half of your door. Most exterior doors are 36" wide, a wreath 22' - 24" should be just the right size.

2. Color: You need to find the right color combination. The wrong color and your wreath could be washed out and get lost just as if it was too small. Find a color that either contrasts or compliments the front door. Usually the color of the front door wreath will coordinate with the interior of your home.

3. Style: Your front door wreath is like foreshadowing in a book or movie. It's a hint of the decorating style that one may see in your home. If you have a beachy cottage style decor you may want a nautical or seashell wreath, rustic decor a grapevine or twig wreath, southwestern flair maybe a wreath that has feathers or succulent flowers in it.

4. Types of material of the front door wreath: What kind of wreath fresh, dried flowers, preserved, silk or artificial?

Fresh wreaths are great for the holidays and are only last a few weeks. If a fresh wreath is in the direct sun it will dry out pretty quick.

Dried flower wreaths and preserved wreaths should really be used for decorating the interior of the house.

Silk, artificial and natural twig and grapevine wreaths are the longest lasting.

Silk and artificial flowers will fade over time especially in the direct sunlight, but generally they will give you the most bang for your buck. If used seasonally you will perhaps get a few years out of them.

So choosing a decorative front door wreath isn't that difficult. The wreath should be 2/3 of the upper half of your door usually 22" - 24" that is not to say you can't use an 18" - 20" either it really comes down to preference. The color will be either contrasting or complimenting. The style will be a prelude to your homes interior decor. The type of material that it is made of depends on what you are looking for in your front door wreath.

Remember a decorative door wreath should make your front door say welcome!

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