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How To Clean A Preserved Or Dried Flower Wreath

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How To Clean A Preserved Or Dried Flower Wreath

Dried flower wreaths need to be cleaned periodically. Just as we dust furniture we need to tidy up dried wreaths. Dusting our dried flower wreaths will help extend the the use life of our wreath. Cleaning a dried wreath can be easy.

Incorporate cleaning your dried wreath into a regular housework routine. The easiest way to stay on top of dusting the wreath is to dust it when dusting furniture. When you come to the dried flower wreath use a blow dryer on a cool setting on a low to medium speed and hold about 10-12 inches away. The dust should just blow off. Dust your dried flower wreath every other week and it will last for years to come.

Sometimes chores get a way from us and we don't always have time to dust and breakout the blow dryer or we forget. In the cases where dust builds up on our dried flower wreath we may need something other than a blow dryer. In that case try using a dried flower wreath cleaner such as Dri Splendor has unique formula that cleans by lifting dust and grease from the surface of your dried flowers, while bringing out its natural beauty. Resists dust, No rinsing or wiping, Just spray on and let dry.

So when cleaning your dried flower wreath, remember to incorporate dusting your dried wreath into the regular housework routine. Use a blow dryer on low heat to medium heat and hold 10-12 inches away every other week or so. If dust builds up to much and a blow dryer won't do the trick try Dri Splendor. No rinsing or wiping, just spray on and let dry. These tips should help keep your dried flower wreath looking great for years to come.

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