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What Birds Will Visit Bird Seed Wreaths?

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What Birds Will Visit Bird Seed Wreaths?

Nothing is more enjoyable and relaxing than watching a variety of lovely birds visiting your bird feeder or bird seed wreaths. Rest assured, the very same birds that love your feeder will delight in bird seed wreaths! Birds that are accustomed to eating seeds from a feeder will really appreciate all the edible seeds they find in seasonal bird seed wreaths. Each spray of dried seed pods in bird seed wreaths are packed with many of the birds' favorite foods. On these bird seed wreaths, our feathered friends will find millet, flax and broom corn along with a variety of other delicious seeds. Cardinals, chickadees, finches and other birds that stay for the winter will find a veritable feast in the bird seed wreaths.

Imagine hanging one of the bird seed wreaths on the front door! Bright and cheery cardinals will sing with delight! Bird seed wreaths are perfect for hanging on the deck railing, on fencing, or a shed door. You can even hang bird seed wreaths on the trunks of trees outside your picture window. Remember, insect-eating song birds generally migrate during the winter and so they probably won't be visiting your bird seed wreaths. Rather, the birds that visit your bird seed wreaths are the ones that thrive on seeds, something they naturally find and feed on in the late fall and winter months.

As the birds peck away at the bird seed wreaths, some seeds will fall to the ground. There, you will see juncos, mourning doves and sparrows dining on the seeds fallen from the bird seed wreaths. Chickadees, titmice and goldfinches will fly right to your bird seed wreaths, enjoying the feast they find in the bird seed wreaths. Hang some peanut butter coated pine cones near your bird seed wreaths and watch nuthatches and woodpeckers arrive. Pick a bird seed wreaths that can be enjoyed indoors first, then hung to attract the birds. Or buy several bird seed wreaths and instantly provide your feathered friends with a real treat for the holidays.

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